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About Happy Goat Coffee

When we select our beans, we keep a careful eye on where it comes from to create the highest grade coffee. These coffee beans only come from regions with rich soil, a certain precipitation and a specific climate. Our in house espresso is made from Happy Goat’s best coffee bean, the Ethiopian Sidamo Blend.

Directly traded coffee beans are purchased straight from farmers in Africa, Asia, as well as Central and South America.

Happy Goat Coffee makes a nice, tasty roast because they take great care when roasting. To identify the best roast profile for a particular strain of beans, Happy Goat Coffee sample roasts before roasting large batches. This allows them to roast the beans well, even down to individual bags.  

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We are also proud of our tea!
All of our teas are supportive of:

    • Stewardship of the environment
    • Sustainable farming and manufacturing processes
    • Social equity for workers
    • Commitment to education for worker’s families
    • Commitment that everyone in the supply chain benefits
    • An ethical, compliant and food safe business ethos
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